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Rad DVD 1986 For Sale Bill Allen Lori Loughlin Talia Shire BMX Highest Quality HD


DVD Synopsis and information:

Bill Allen plays Cru Jones, a BMX bike riding stud out to prove that he is the best. The biggest BMX race, Helltrack,  is coming up and he wants to win this more than anything. The competition is stiff and the bikes will be flying all over the place. Talia Shire plays Cru's mother who supports him, even if only reluctantly at times, and she gives a nice performance. This is a cool movie for a time in the 80s when riding a Mongoose BMX bike was king. Lori Loughlin plays his love interest and gives a solid supporting performance. This is an 80s cable and video classic.

The tension really gets turned up in the racing sequences. There is an amazing amount of skill that these riders posses to pull off all these crazy stunts and jumps on the BMX bikes. This is a fun 80s movie and is a must own for BMX and Skateboarding fans, as it encapsulates the heart and desire of the teenager to be the best on his respective sport. For an 80s BMX bike movie you will be surprised how you will get hooked on the story. The bike riding stunts and prowess of these riders is amazing in this film. The 80s BMX bike racing spirit is best represented in this film. Consider this title as a must own for BMX and skateboard movie fans.

The story of one young man, Cru Jones, who has the intensity and desire to win a BMX race called Helltrack.

Actors: Bill Allen, Lori Loughlin, Ray Walston, Talia Shire, Bart Conner

Directors: Hal Needham

Producers: Jack Schwartzman

Format: AC-3, Widescreen, NTSC

Region: All Regions

Rated: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

Studio: CMG Media

Run Time: 93 minutes