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DVD Contains Full Menus, Chapters & Features Of The Studio Release unless otherwise stated. This DVD is a High Quality BACKUP of the studio release on DVD+R. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

The Blue Knight DVD For Sale 1975 George Kennedy

DVD Synopsis and information:

George Kennedy in his defining role as an LAPD peace officer Bumper Morgan. Bumper is a uniformed policeman who walks the beat everyday in Los Angeles, despite many offers of promotion. Bumper follows a familiar 'one good cop' formula and is full of interesting characters and drama. He knows all the people, both good and bad, on his beat. Buster is even willing to overlook minor offenses in the interest of winning the trust of the people he tries to keep safe. if it will keep his beat relatively safe. This is an excellent made for TV movie featuring an outstanding performance by George Kennedy who really becomes Buster Morgan in this role, a must own for fans of good cop movies. Based on the novel by Joseph Wambaugh. Kennedy is excellent in this gritty and realistic cop drama.

Actors: George Kennedy

Director: J. Lee Thompson

Writer: Albert Ruben (Based on the novel by Joseph Wambaugh)

Format: NTSC

Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen 1.33:1

Studio: USA Home Video

Run Time: 72 minutes