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This DVD has a basic PC or no menu. This DVD is a High Quality DVD+R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

All DVDs are Region Free NTSC (North American) format unless otherwise specified.

Turkish Drakula Dracula In Instanbul DVD For Sale 1953 Cahit Irgat

DVD Synopsis and information:

Turkish Dracula In Istanbul 1953

Dracula's properties in Istanbul are amusingly referred to as "kiosks"; the Count's hunchbacked servant back home eventually turns on him, and pays with

his life, in an effort to protect the victimized hero. The vampire is warded off not by the traditional cross but rather mere garlic. Then, characters are

made to freely bestow blessings upon one another; the 'Mina' counterpart is a blonde "Follies" dancer, and she is even made to give a private show, under

hypnosis, for Count Dracula. Another unusual setting is the sea-side one reserved for the 'Lucy' substitute's initial attack. Later on, however, it takes

her boyfriend and the obligatory elderly vampire-hunter three separate visits to her crypt in order to ascertain the girl's return from the dead.

Director: Mehmet Muhtar

Writers: Ümit Deniz, Bram Stoker (novel)

Stars: Annie Ball, Cahit Irgat and Ayfer Feray

Technical Specs

Runtime: 102 min

Sound Mix: Mono

Color: Black and White

Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1