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This DVD has a basic PC or no menu. This DVD is a High Quality DVD+R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

All DVDs are Region Free NTSC (North American) format unless otherwise specified.

Thames BBC Dracula DVD 1968 For Sale Denholm Elliot Bernard Archard

DVD Synopsis and information:

By 1968 it could be argued that the story of Dracula should already be permanently in the cold ground done to death by repetition. However, this Thames Television production was quite different from the Hammer film series (that would soon go into a rapid decline). Talky and slightly theatrical, it is despite this more interesting than either the 1979 John Badham version or the more recent Coppola one. Like other low budget versions, this one "scales down" the novel, omitting its more epic scenes but concentrating effectively on the middle part of the book. This is a must own for any serious vampire or Dracula film collector. Extremely rare and hard to find.

Denholm Elliott is no substitute for Christopher Lee as The Count (then, who is?) but he gives a competent performance. Colin Redgrave as Harker and Susan George as Lucy are both fascinating to watch, but Bernard Archard as Van Helsing sadly continues the tradition of silly voices in Dracula adaptations with a very distracting accent more redolent of Calcutta than Amsterdam. Some scenes (such as the meeting with Dracula's brides) are very eerily done, while the final showdown with Dracula is a strange mixture of clumsy staging and convincing effects work. The slight twist at the end is a nice touch, too. A minor version, but worth seeing.

Director: Patrick Dromgoole

Writers: Bram Stoker (novel), Charles Graham (adaptation)

Stars: Denhol Elliot, Bernard Archard, Nina Baden-Semper and Michael Da Costa

Original Air Date: 18 November 1968

Technical Specs

Runtime: 75 min

Sound Mix: Mono

Color: Black and White

Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1