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Slipper And The Rose DVD 1976 For Sale Richard Chamberlin Gemma Cravin R1 NTSC


DVD Synopsis and information:

The Story Of Cinderella

The Slipper and the Rose is a grand musical adventure in the tradition of The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady. This lavish production features Richard Chamberlain in a spirited re-telling of the classic Cinderella fairy tale, and the Academy Award nominated score is provided by the Oscar winning song writing duo the Sherman Brothers (Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). Chamberlin and the supporting cast are simply magnificent in this film. Possibly the best musical version of the Cinderella story captured on film. The Slipper and the Rose is a brilliant mix of fantasy and realism that will enchant viewers of all ages. This is a great version of the Cinderella story in musical form. No musical collection would be complete without this romantically delightful film.

Cast & Crew


Kenneth More

Margaret Lockwood

Annette Crosbie

Edith Evans

Gemma Craven

Richard Chamberlain

Michael Hordern

Christopher Gable


Bryan Forbes

Product Information

Video: Widescreen 1.33:1

Audio: (more info)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital

Studio: Trinity

Production Year: 1975

Release Date: 5/2/2000

Length: 143 mins

Rating: G

Chapters: 30