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This DVD has a basic PC or no menu. This DVD is a High Quality DVD+R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

Elvis Presley The Final Curtain 6 DVD Set

The 6 DVD collection is an absolute must have, this includes 8mm footage with more than 2 hours of unreleased footage with the best sound possible on all footage. The 8mm DVD's are dual layered for maximum length with maximum quality and all have multi angle viewing. Included in this section is 36 minutes of unreleased footage from Indianapolis alone.

The first most will go for is the 1977 CBS TV Special, and that made its way into my DVD player really quickly. And it is a delight to view this in stunning picture quality. The film source is a transfer from a first generation digital copy of a broadcast tape and has been remastered on a 'frame by frame' basis. This is the first time we can genuinely say we as fans can watch the Special on DVD in good quality. Next the two DVDs in the front are the entire concerts filmed to make the above mentioned CBS TV Special.

They are Omaha June 19, 1977 and Rapid City June 21, 1977, the second show being from where much of the Special was taken. Now here on these two DVDs we have an amazing advance in picture quality.

Never before have I seen anything other than complete fuzzy crap, sold as 'best on DVD so far'. This is amazing, completely watchable, not something only for collectors. The Rapid City show is very close quality wise to the CBS Special with Omaha being a couple of notches below that. But both are still in excellent quality when compared to the 5th generation degraded copies that have been inflicted on us fans for too long now.

Words are hard to find to adequately describe my joy in watching these three DVDs, two complete concerts and the famous, elusive CBS TV Special. One long time mystery to me is now two, I have never understood why Unchained Melody, an absolutely brilliant performance by Elvis, was not included in the 'CBS Special', now after, for the first time, watching the Omaha concert I have to ask the question, why did they not use the performance of Are You Lonesome Tonight? from this show rather than the Rapid City version they considered so bad they had to overdub the part where Elvis forgets the words when the Omaha version is not only better, it is out right hilarious with Elvis and Charlie hamming it up at one point (Charlie is holding the microphone), Elvis even restarts the some moments into it as he got the lyric wrong, and then proceeded with a very good version. Great entertainment from the King of music, Elvis Presley and Boxcar.

Elvis Presley

The Final Curtain 6 DVD Set

Recorded Live in 1977

600 Min Very Good Sound And