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This DVD has a basic PC or no menu. This DVD is a High Quality DVD+R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

Charlie Jade : Complete series DVD Set

The complete south african series Charlie Jade. comes on 6 DVD disc's. A/V Quality = 9.0

The show uses the idea of parallel universes, or a multiverse. There are several universes that coexist — each somewhat different from the others. As of the first season, these are the universes that have been explored in the TV series:

The Alphaverse, a dystopian view of what our future could be like. It is the home universe of the main character Charlie Jade. The Alphaverse's inhabitants are segregated into "classes" of different levels (e.g., C-1, or Class 1 — which stands for Upper Class). It is dominated by five gigantic multinational firms. Prime among these is a corporation called Vexcor. Despite the Alphaverse's dystopian society, it does contain some futuristic technology that is within the level of our capability.

The Betaverse, which corresponds to our present day actual reality.

The Gammaverse, a rather idyllic version of our world, what it would be like if the planet's inhabitants made careful use of its resources.

An 'unknown' universe, inhabited with primitive people living in huts.

A universe that is home to 'men in grey suits'.

During the pilot episode, scientists from Vexcor attempt to open a wormhole from the Alphaverse to the Gammaverse in a bid to drain water from the latter to the former. In Gammaverse, terrorists Bern and Reena — aware of Vexcor's intent — prepare to sabotage the facility. Before the stable wormhole can be completed, a massive explosion at the site of the portal (a large open-air water reservoir) leads to a chain reaction explosion that moves through all three universes. This results in Charlie being thrown from Alphaverse into the Betaverse, into a different Cape Town that he is unfamiliar with. Reena is also thrown into the Betaverse.

The explosion renders the "link" between universes impassable, which leaves Vexcor employees in Beta and Gamma cut off from their head office in Alpha.

Vexcor attempts to rebuild the link, and re-establish contact. At the same time, they must deal with the P.R. fallout from the explosion, and must try to conceal the true purpose of the facility and what the company was up to. Suspicion initially falls on a Vexcor scientist named Elliot Krogg — but eventually, they discover Reena is in Cape Town, and target her as the terrorist behind the explosion.

Vexcor's attempts to cover their tracks are complicated by Charlie Jade's presence in Beta — and the fact that he soon hooks up with Karl Lubinsky, an expatriate American who runs a conspiracy website devoted to tracking all things Vexcor.

Together, Charlie and Karl gradually divine Vexcor's true intentions — and also uncover a terrible secret promoted by Vexcor's doomed scientist, Elliot Krogg. Krogg wrote a memo to Vexcor HQ detailing a possible catastrophic effect to establishing a long-term link from Alpha to Gamma. If the link is made permanent, it will collapse all matter in the Betaverse, destroying everyone and everything in 'our' world. Karl and Charlie are the only things that stand between our world and annihilation.

Meanwhile, with travel between the universes cut off, Vexcor Alpha must turn to a person who can travel between the universes without a link: 01 Boxer, the son of company founder Brion Boxer.